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LingQ Referral & Affiliate Program

Refer your friends, students, and co-workers to LingQ and earn 20% of all payments they make for as long as they remain on LingQ!

Just PROMOTE your referral URL

Find your referral URL here in your LingQ account


Or ADD your referral extension

Add your referral extension “?referral=username” to any LingQ URL. Replace “username” with your LingQ username. Ie. If my username is “mark44”, I can send people to:


It’s that easy! Start referring your friends to LingQ today!

If your referral registers for a LingQ account, they will be tracked as your referral forever and you will receive 20% of all payments they make on LingQ for as long as they remain active. As an added bonus, both you and your referral receive a bonus of 100 additional LingQs which can be used before needing to upgrade.

So, a referral who upgrades for a year at $120 will earn you a referral fee of $24!

You can see all of your referrals who have registered and whether they have upgraded on your Referrals Tab https://www.lingq.com/settings/referrals. And, when you are ready to cash out your points, just let us know and we will send payment to your PayPal account.