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Fun, Effective Language Learning for Your Classroom

Are you looking for a web and mobile app to bring fun and effective language learning to your classroom?

Immerse your class in a world of authentic content. Set a directed program or allow your students to choose lessons according to their interests. You can even import content directly from the web or allow your class to do the same.

LingQ is a Comprehensible Input (CI) based platform that enhances language learning through reading and listening to content of interest. Teachers love the way LingQ lets their students access content that they’re interested in. By listening and reading to content from LingQ’s vast library, and reviewing vocabulary in context or using LingQ’s spaced repetition review system, students quickly start to grow their vocabulary while being immersed in interesting material in their target language.

Teachers can track students' progress, upload lessons, and create forum discussions through an easy-to-use teacher portal.

With the LingQ system you and your students can:

  • Read and listen to lessons at all levels on a wide variety of topics from our Content Library.

  • Import any digital content from the web or elsewhere using our import extensions and easy import functionality.

  • Learn vocabulary in context and using our Spaced Repetition (SRS) tools.

  • Use integrated dictionaries, grammar resources and more.

  • Have writing corrected for free.

  • Join live conversations.

  • Chat and share ideas in a private classroom forum.

  • View both individual and group student progress on the teacher dashboard.

  • Share lessons with your group.

The LingQ approach to language learning is informed by popular hypotheses and models in linguistics and language acquisition that include:

  • Comprehensible Input.

  • Content-based instruction.

  • TPRS

  • The natural approach.

  • The extensive reading method.

The three pillars of the LingQ for the Classroom system

  1. Content

    We learn best from what interests us, and that’s why the LingQ language libraries are filled with all kinds of content, and they’re growing every day. News articles, stories, interviews, radio shows, novels, podcasts, song lyrics and much more. Anything can be imported and turned into a lesson.

  2. Vocabulary

    As students interact with interesting content, they look up and save words and phrases they don’t know. The combination of noticing previously saved words and phrases in context and regular vocabulary review using activities helps the learner to notice and then become familiar with the words and phrases of the language.

  3. Goal Setting

    LingQ tracks how many words students know, how many they have learned, statistics on listening, reading, writing and speaking and measures them against their targets.

Want to know more about LingQ for School?

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