What is the Most Difficult Language to Learn?

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What is the most difficult language to learn? This is a question that comes up often at LingQ. What is the answer? Well, it varies from person to person, and depends quite a bit on which languages you already know. Instead of asking which language is the most difficult to learn, one LingQ member asked the following:

What language that you studied/study was hardest for you? 

Since then, quite a few learners have responded with their own experiences. Languages range from Chinese to Czech with everything in between. Which language have you found to be the hardest to learn?

3 Replies to “What is the Most Difficult Language to Learn?”

  1. So far French was my hardest language. I’m a German native and before I started French I already knew English and had two years of Spanish class, but damn, all those irregular verbs! And the difference between speaking and writing really bugs me, too. After French the only other language I have learned is Chinese and except for English maybe I’d say it was the easiest one because there is no conjugation, declination, no gender of words…

  2. French is often classed as an easy language but i think it’s quite difficult as well. I’ve learnt french, spanish and chinese and played with some other languages. Or maybe it was just because french was my first foreign language. Most lists normallly list Korean, Hungerian and Basque as the 3 hardest.

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