Welcome LingQ Academy 2016 Students!

Welcome LingQ Academy 2016 Students!

In March we invited English language learners to come study with us at the LingQ HQ over the summer. It’s something we’ve never done before and will give students the unique opportunity to learn English while immersed in the day-to-day life of a busy startup. We received a lot of applications, but only had four spots to fill. The four applicants who stood out had three things we were looking for: a passion for learning, a desire to meet new people and a drive to achieve their language learning goals.

One student, Yuleidy from Dominican Republic, was sadly unable to come last minute. She will be following the LingQ Academy Course on LingQ remotely and will be here in spirit (hola Yuleidy!). So now we are down to three students arriving in Vancouver this Monday. Let’s get to know them a little before they get here.

Name: Hanna Kim
Age: 23
Favourite LingQ Course: Focus on Vocabulary


Hanna from Seoul, South Korea graduated from university this year and has been working for an e-commerce company there ever since. Her interest in marketing and desire to improve her English made the LingQ Academy the perfect place to spend the summer: “I have been interested in education of language and development of application and marketing so I am glad to not only experience all of these but also learn English properly in here.”

This will be the first time that Hanna has lived outside of Korea, and she’s looking forward to seeing how people of different cultures coexist in Vancouver. The one place she really wants to get to while she’s here is Stanley Park (for the amazing views).

Hanna predicts that living in Vancouver and studying at LingQ will be a turning point in her English learning. “The story of Steve Kaufmann was very attractive. His Youtube videos gives me more credit than just the story. If LingQ is what he made, than I can study language from LingQ with trust.”

When she isn’t working or studying English, Hanna picks up her camera and takes pictures around Seoul. Check out these sweet snaps:


There’s lots for you to photograph in Vancouver, Hanna. Welcome!

Name: Tamás Ferencz
Age: 21
Favourite LingQ Course: TED Talks


Our only male student this year hails from Budapest, Hungary. Tamás loves meeting new people, watching and taking part in any kind of sport and feeding his appetite for knowledge – he will read and study pretty much anything.

Tamás loves to challenge himself whenever he can. He completed the Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage in Spain, a trek that is more than 100 kilometers long. We can make a list of hikes in B.C. that he might like, we’d just better have a talk about bears and cougars before he sets off.


This trip won’t be the first time that Tamás has left Hungary; he’s spent the past year living in the Australian cities of Melbourne and Brisbane. He’s really looking forward to his first time in Canada though, and wants to soak up the culture and atmosphere of Vancouver. Oh, and he also wants to figure out why Canadians are so nice. “I only had great experience with Canadian people, you are super nice and I want to figure out what your secret is.” I hope we don’t disappoint, eh!

Name: Emily Huang
Age: 22
Favourite LingQ Course: Interesting Stories


Emily is another recent university graduate – she graduated from her design program this year – looking for a new challenge in a new country. An interest in taking up German lead her to LingQ, and that’s where she found out about the LingQ Academy.

She’s hoping to have fun in Vancouver with the other students and be able to explain her thoughts a lot better in English when she leaves. Her favourite language learning method? “I prefer to read some articles about daily life or interesting stories. It makes me memorize vocabulary and grammar easily and unconsciously.” Emily also enjoys chatting to friends from all over the world and researching topics on online in English.

Emily won’t be rushing to the usual tourist traps around Vancouver; she prefers to take the road less traveled and find hidden gems. “I like to explore new places by myself more than follow travel books. So I’ll find my secret spot there, maybe a forest, park or something else.” B.C. has you covered on that front, Emily.

Cascade Falls Regional Park, B.C.

We’re super excited to get to know our LingQ Academy 2016 students and help them make a breakthrough in their English. Interested in studying English, startups or Canada? You can follow the students’ progress on the LingQ Academy Live YouTube channel. We’ll be posting videos every Tuesday and Friday.

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