Vocabulary and LingQ Widget 2.0

To inspire more LingQing this holiday season we have just pushed a major new update to the site! You will see major changes to the LingQ widget and a completely revamped Vocabulary page.


You will see the new LingQ widget right away when you click Check Dictionary from the blue new words popup. We have now added the ability to add an image, an audio file in addition to Text-To-Speech and a separate tab for Notes. Notice that there are now tabs under the Status bar for Dictionaries, Examples, User Hints, Ask a Tutor, Notes and Audio.




All dictionary results are now integrated into the LingQ widget and show in a separate window underneath the main widget area. This is your Dictionaries tab. Initially Google Translate and Babylon options are available. Just click on the buttons to view the results. Additional resources can be added by clicking the Add Resource button. You can then add from the list of dictionaries/resources available and choose the language to translate into for each resource. Examples, User Hints and Ask a Tutor are pretty self explanatory and function as they did before, although for Ask a Tutor you can now see any existing threads and post new questions right there in the widget. Finally, the Notes and Audio tabs allow the input of notes and audio for each LingQ. Uploaded audio will play in addition to the Text-To-Speech.


One other aspect of the LingQ widget is the status bar which has been revamped throughout the site. It now shows the same colours as the shading on the lesson page. The different shades of yellow for status 1 to 3 and no shading for status 4. As well, the ignore and delete controls have been combined into a red x or status x. We have struggled with how best to deal with deleted and ignored words and have decided that essentially they can be treated the same. These words are completely removed from your database and ignored. However, as always, you can create a LingQ for them anytime to add them back.


The last thing you will notice on the LingQ widget is a new language identifier for Hints. You will now see the flag of your Hint language. This should be your native language or dictionary language, however, sometimes this language can be incorrect. This allows you to set your hint language correctly and to have multiple hints in multiple languages for your LingQs. It is important that hint languages be correct to prevent hints in other languages from getting mixed up in the user hints displayed on the blue popups.


The other major changes occurred on the Vocabulary page, which has been completely updated. The controls have been updated and streamlined and the list itself has been changed to accommodate the new changes to the widget. Among other things, you can now change the status of the words in your list with the 1-click status bar. As well, we have added two new ways to review your vocabulary – Multiple Choice and Dictation! A little something to while away the time during the holidays…!




You will also notice an improved SRS system. We have reworked our SRS algorithm so you will review the LingQs you are learning in 7 stages from 1 day to 3 months apart. These will be emailed out in your LingQs of the Day, based on your email settings as they are now. You can also find all your words due for review in the Due for Review (SRS) tab on the Vocabulary page. This more comprehensive SRS system will now ensure that you always have a full list in your daily email if you have words waiting for review.


Finally, with this update we have re-implemented the 1-Click Google Translate on the blue popups. However, since we must now pay Google for this service it is now a premium feature and not available to Free members.


Let us know how you like the updates. Think of the changes as an early Christmas present… 😉

9 Replies to “Vocabulary and LingQ Widget 2.0”

  1. Hi Lisa,Where are you trying to add words? If you can give me a little more detail about the problem, such as which page you are on, it would be very helpful 🙂

  2. Hi Alex,I am trying to add words directly on the vocabulary page. I liked having the box to add words right on the sidebar because sometimes I need to add words back in that I’ve deleted and I’m working on an iPad. When I try to add the words manually, I hit the add button and nothing comes up. It just goes back to the vocabulary page.Thanks for your help!Lisa

  3. Ah, I see. Unfortunately at the moment we don’t fully support mobile devices, so for now you will need to do this from your computer. You can, however, just create a list of words in the Notes app, then email the list to yourself and import the list of words when you are on the computer 🙂

  4. I tend to import single words, but I tried both and neither was working. It was also causing the list of vocabulary words to jump to the end.

  5. Hi Lisa,We made a few fixes to the Import and it now appears to be working correctly on iOS devices as well. Give it a try and let us know if you encounter any more errors!

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