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UPDATE: Yellow LingQs will now appear with different shades of yellow, not numbers. See the announcement here:Β


Now, Yellow LingQs on the Lesson page will be accompanied by a small number showing their status. The color of the number will change based on the status of the word.


This will allow you to easily see how well you know the words.Β In addition to this, we have also added the status bar on the Yellow LingQ popup, giving you the option to quickly and easily change the status of a word to better reflect your familiarity with certain terms.



We hope you enjoy these changes. Please let us know what you think!

23 Replies to “Visible LingQ Status”

  1. While I appreciate the steady stream of improvements at LingQ, I for one do not like this change. For me, seeing these status numbers all over the text just creates distracting visual clutter. If this change proves welcome by some users, it would be great to make this feature optional through the user settings so that one could turn off these status numbers. In my use of LingQ, I never use status 2 and 3. I instead leave my LingQs in status 1 and switch them to status 4 to turn off the yellow highlighting once I remember the term. I can understand why the flashcard algorithm might use these numbers in prioritizing card reviews, but I don’t see why a reader needs to see these numbers on the page. When I see a word, I already know what "status" it is in my head. Either I know it, vaguely recall it, or don’t remember it at all. The status is of no help to me but rather is an irritating distraction while reading. πŸ˜‰

  2. @James – We want to encourage more people to move the status of their LingQs up, and seeing a bunch of status 1 words is a great way to do this. Since changing the status is now a lot easier, you may even want to give it a try to see how it works. If necessary, we can add an option to disable this, but try giving it a chance and seeing how you like it first πŸ™‚

  3. I agree with James. I find it distracting too. I know a word, or I don’t know it. The status isn’t important for me. I would prefer to have the possibility to opt out.

  4. @Alex – The new feature doesn’t seem to work in Safari 5.1. I see the pop-up but when I select a new status, the change is not made…When this feature works in Safari, I will like the ease of changing the status from 1 to 4 to turn off the highlighting, I just don’t like seeing the status numbers in the text. So, making this optional in the future would be a welcome improvement. πŸ™‚

  5. I find the numbers quite discreet. They do not impede my reading flow at all. I would like this feature to remain, so it might be a good idea to let users decide to activate it or not, just to accomodate both parties.

  6. I afraid I don’t like it at all. Very distracting when reading. Like other’s have said,I either know the word and will move it to 4, or I don’t know the word and will leave it. Please make it optional so I can opt out : )

  7. … and the numbers also get in the way, if i have a pre-tagged word, that I then want to add into a phrase and translate, the numbers appear in the new phrase and don;t auto translate : //

  8. We will do our best to get the phrase issue sorted out quickly. Thank you for your patience. We also continue to welcome opinions on the new visible LingQ status feature, good or bad πŸ™‚

  9. I don’t really mind this feature. It may be more disturbing if there are many yellow words in a text and the numbers somehow get in the way. However, if there are few yellow words it may be interesting to meet "old friends" from other texts that you haven’t learned yet, or maybe you know them already and their status can easily be changed. I usually pay attention to the status of words and phrases when flashcarding. All in all, I’m in favour of the option to disable this feature in the texts.

  10. I like the numbers…I have a suggestion, it would be nice if the yellow pop-ups had two extra buttons to make the word known and unknown, with one click one could eliminate the lingq or make the word blue again… it would speed up the reading a little

  11. +1 for being able to see the status at once. Having said that, I would actually prefer using different background colors to indicate the status of each word.

  12. Brilliant idea about the colors, Jens. Maybe two different shades of the yellow for "can’t remember" and "not sure" and orange for "new", keeping just the subtle underline for "known". I too am distracted by the numbers. Colors would be much more intuitive than numbers.

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