Updated Task Widget

We just uploaded a brand new Task Widget. The previous four  task popups have been combined into one and the new popup opens when you hover on the the tasks icon. We know that many members did not realize the previous task popups were there and we are hoping this new design is more obvious and easy to use. There is a link to the collection always available as well as an easy to find Download Audio link. We also changed the counters into dropdowns since the up and down arrows were not always obvious in the previous version. We hope you like the new changes.


3 Replies to “Updated Task Widget”

  1. I like the old task widget better. The new one doesn’t always disappear when I move my mouse away and there are no arrows to click to increase reading/listening numbers. (at least in Firefox there aren’t). And the selection box only goes up to 10?

  2. The only problem I have with it is, as Thomas said, the fact that it only goes up to ten. Even though I rarely go through an item ten times on my PC, I liked the idea that the previous counter had no limit.

  3. I agree with both issues, Thomas and Peter. We will figure out how to achieve the same ability to go as high as you want with the counter and we will make sure the popup is easy to open and close.

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