Tutoring on LingQ

Everyone can now tutor on LingQ. It’s simple to set yourself up! Here’s how.


There are two types of tutoring activities: writing correction and conversation hosting. You must indicate which of these you want to do and in which languages. Do this on the Settings page by selecting your writing language (correction) or tutoring language (conversation hosting).


Writing Correction

Once you have set your writing correction language, other members can choose you to correct their submissions. If you are chosen, you will receive an email with a link to the submission.

How do I correct writing?

Select the text containing a mistake and click New Correction. Correct the text in the Corrected Text field, choose a Mistake Type and add a note if further clarification is required. Select the next mistake and so on until the correction is done. Leave a final comment with overall suggestions and click the Send Report button.


Recommendations for Writing Correction

  1. Try to highlight words and phrases rather than sentences or letters. This makes the mistakes easier to fix and to understand.
  2. Try to make the finished writing sound natural. It should read as if a native speaker could have written it.
  3. Encourage students to LingQ the natural words and phrases you suggest in your corrections.

How many points do I earn for correcting writing?

You are paid based on the number of words in the submission at a rate of 1500 points for 600 words.

Conversation Hosting

After setting your tutoring language you must go to the Speak page and enter conversation times. Members will not be able to sign up for conversations with you until you do.

How do I create conversations or input 1 on 1 time?

On the Speak page, click Add/Edit Conversations in the sidebar. This will take you to the Calendar page where you can select the date and hours you want to tutor. You can make time available for 1 on 1 conversations or you can create Group conversations.


How do I tutor conversations?

In advance of your scheduled conversation, open it in the My Conversations list. You will see the names of the participants and their Skype names. Add their Skype names to your contact list. At the scheduled time, start a conference call on Skype, with the participants. They will be waiting for you to call. If they are not online when you call, it is their responsibility to join in late.

NB. You must have Skype installed on your computer to tutor on LingQ.

How do I complete a Conversation Report?

When you click on a conversation in your My Conversations list just before your scheduled start time, you will be able to open the conversation report form. Enter comments, suggested words and phrases, or mistakes into the Suggestions field, one comment per line. Enter overall comments in the Comments field and click Send Report.

How many points will I earn for tutoring conversations?

You will receive 375 points for each 15 minute conversation segment you host.

How do I cancel a conversation?

You can find all conversations in the My Conversations list, open the conversation popup and click the Edit/Cancel Conversation link and the Cancel button when the event details page opens. All participants will then have their points refunded.

More On Points

Can I convert my points to cash?

Yes, you can convert points into cash but you will need a minimum of 10000 points ($100) to do so.

Do points I earn for tutoring expire?

Yes, these points are no different than any other points you receive. They must be used or redeemed for cash within 90 days.

Finding a Tutor

How do I find a writing corrector?

Go to the Submit Writing page and click on Choose Corrector. In the Writing Correctors popup you will see the most active writing correctors. Click on a tutor and click Select. If you want a different tutor to correct your writing, you can either search for them by name/username or you can browse all members. When browsing, you will see a list of all active correctors. All correctors have a “Submit writing in..” link on their profile page. Click on this link to send them your writing. Any correctors you choose will be added to the correctors popup the next time you go to submit writing.

How do I find a tutor to talk to?

Go to the Speak page and browse the list of available tutors or, on the Friends page, you can search for Tutors in a specific language. Then, on their profiles you can click on the Join Conversation in… link to see their available conversation times.

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    1. Hello Kristianne,

      ‚ÄčThanks for getting in touch with us!

      Our system is set up so that anyone can tutor. You can start creating some conversations now by going to Teach page (Exchange > Teach) on LingQ and clicking on “Add/Edit Conversations” on the right hand side.
      Click here to learn more about tutoring on LingQ: http://www.lingq.com/help/tutor/

      Be sure to let us know if you have any additional questions!

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