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We have a made a slew of recent changes to courses. First of all, we reduced the length of the courses from 12 to 4 weeks. This was done because it is simply easier for both tutors and learners to plan 4 weeks ahead as opposed to 12 weeks.

In addition, we just launched an update to the course list page which lets you try courses for free. Now, when you are looking at the course description you will see two options; one to sign up for the course and one for the free version of the course.

If you start the free version, you will have all the lessons added to your Self-Directed Course. You can read and listen to the lesson and LingQ vocabulary words. The writing and speaking tasks are, of course, optional but you can submit writing for correction and sign up to join the regular course conversations, if you want.

If you buy the complete course, writing and speaking are included in the cost and you will reserve your spot in course conversations. You will also receive free personal tutoring which  includes having your questions answered by your tutor and a final report. This is a great value for those of you ready to make the commitment to improve!

Finally, you will notice that the lessons covered in each course are listed in the course description as are the assigned writing and speaking topics.

Check out the new courses list and sign up for a course today!

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