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Want an imported lesson translated? Looking to have your writing recorded or an audio file transcribed? Whatever it is you can now request it on the LingQ Exchange!

Over the years we have had many requests from members to enable these types of services to enhance their learning activities on LingQ. That is why we have dramatically enhanced our Friends section. Previously, the Friends section was a place to connect with other members, share activities and practice your new language. Now on the Exchange you can do all this and much much more. These are the new services that are available through the Exchange:

  • Writing correction – Submit some writing and have it corrected by a tutor.
  • Audio recording – Submit any text for other members to record for you.
  • Pronunciation correction – Submit an audio recording and have your pronunciation corrected.
  • Transcription – Submit an audio file for transcription.
  • Translation – Submit any text, such as a lesson you are studying, and have others translate it for you.

When you make a request, you can select any combination of these services. These requests can be open so that any member can fulfil your request, or you can submit them directly to a specific member or tutor. When posting a request, you will see a recommended points value based on the services you are requesting. You can adjust this value, which is the number of points you will award to those who respond. If your request receives more than one response, you can award the points to a single member or split it between multiple members.

Here is an example of a writing correction and audio recording request from the Exchange:


No Commissions on Exchange

We have made a change to our points policy so that LingQ no longer takes a commission on any Exchange or tutoring activities as long as you re-use your points within the site. From now on, we will only take a commission if points are cashed out.

Find a Tutor Page

You will now find a list of tutors on the Find a tutor page in the Exchange sub-menu. We wanted to provide a more convenient way to find and connect with all the members who tutor on the site, whether that be by offering conversations, interacting on the Exchange or creating and sharing Lessons. For each tutor shown you will see up to three tabs: Exchange, Lessons and Conversation. On the Exchange tab you will be able to request services you would like from that tutor or simply post to that tutor’s wall. On the Lessons tab you can find all lessons, courses and playlists provided by that tutor. On the Conversation tab you can request a conversation and find all available 1 on 1 and group conversation times.

We hope this will make it much easier to interact with all the great tutors on LingQ!


Have fun on the Exchange and on the Tutors page! We hope to see many of you taking advantage of this new interaction. As always, we look forward to your feedback!

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