Subscribe in iTunes, Promote Your Lessons

We have recently included an upgrade that lets you to subscribe to collections by RSS feed. Subscribing in your favourite feed reader should make it much more convenient to download the audio files for whole collections, without having to download each lesson individually on the Lessons page.


In addition, content providers have the option to easily submit their collections to iTunes as a podcast. Follow the simple steps on the Collection page in Import. This has a few advantages. Number one, once collections are available on iTunes, members will be able to subscribe to them with one click which will mean that all lessons from the collection will sync with their iPod next time they connect to iTunes. Number two, this will help content providers promote your content to everyone on iTunes, hopefully attracting some of these people to study your lessons on LingQ. Obviously, they will only get the audio from iTunes and will come to LingQ for the text and learning tools. It’s a good way to promote your lessons and to promote yourself, if you are a tutor.


Let us know how you use the RSS feeds.

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