Shuffle Flashcards, Reverse Flashcards, Friends’ Activity

One of the most common requests we get is the ability to shuffle and to reverse flashcards. These requests were highlighted in our recent member survey. So…to show you that we are listening… :-)! These two features have just been added.You will now see two buttons under Options in the sidebar on the Flashcards page; Shuffle and Reverse. Shuffle causes the order of the current deck of flashcards to be shuffled. Reverse causes the Hint to appear first, followed by the Phrase and finally by the Term, as you click the “Show Phrase”, “Show Term”, or “Check” buttons.As always, try these features out and let us know what you think!In addition, we have added a Friends’ Activity list to the Community page. Right now, you can only see when your friends post on someone’s wall but more alerts are on there way. Stay tuned!

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