Show your World Cup colours on your Avatar

We thought we would have a little fun this World Cup by introducing team colours for your avatar. What better way to celebrate the international nature of our community and the range of language and interests we find there!

Starting today you can outfit your avatar in any of the uniforms worn by world cup teams from countries that speak the language you are learning. Studying Italian and want to show your support for “Gli Azzurri”? Get your Team Italy jersey. You only need 20 coins to get the jersey, boots and shorts. If you’re short a few coins, get creating LingQs and you’ll earn those coins in no time.

Today we added the following 8 uniforms.



The following teams will be added over the next few days:

Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Cameroon, Chile, Columbia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Ghana, Honduras, Ivory Coast, Japan, Korea, Mexico,
Netherlands, Nigeria, Russia, Switzerland, Uruguay

Let’s all have a little fun with this as we enjoy the World Cup and learning on LingQ!

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