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The folks over at Fox Translate are having a very interesting contest from April 11th to 15th.


We want to hear about the greatest experiences you have had as a translator. From the significant impact you’ve had in someone’s life to the cultures and challenges you’ve encountered, your story reflects the importance language and translation has in all of our lives.


We know many of you have had great experiences using all your languages so here’s a chance to tell your story. Best of all, among the prizes, are copies of Steve’s book, The Way of the Linguist, annual Basic Memberships to LingQ and an annual Plus Membership to LingQ! Sound too good to be true? Head on over to Fox Translate for all the details. Make sure to also check out their simple translation service, while you’re there.


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3 Replies to “Share Your Experience with Fox Translate”

  1. Can it just be your overall experience with a language or does it have to be some amazing event which you’ve had when using your language?

  2. I’m sure they are happy to receive any experiences overall or amazing. For specific requirements you will have to talk to Fox Translate.

  3. James – we’d love to have you enter the contest. We’ll be selecting 5 winners so the odds are pretty good! When we designed the contest, we were looking for specific experiences, but frankly, we really just care about having translators speak to what they are passionate about, what they learned, and what they have to share with others. So tell your story…and hopefully win some free books & videos.Thanks to LingQ for helping us kick this off! Regards,-jason

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