Putting LingQ HTML Banners on Your FaceBook Profile

Here’s how I was able to add the badges from my LingQ profile to my Facebook page.

1. Go to the Profile HTML application in Facebook (http://bit.ly/43jEgx) and add it your Facebook page

2. Go to the application and paste your banner code from LingQ into the Profile Box tab.

3. I found that I had to reduce the width of the badges to get them to fit in the sidebar which I did by adding width=”180″ to the code right in front of border=”0″.

This is what my finished badge code looked like:

That’s pretty much it. I hope this helps and if there are steps I’ve left out, please let me know so I can update this information.

3 Replies to “Putting LingQ HTML Banners on Your FaceBook Profile”

  1. Did yours end up on your main profile page? I’m only able to get it under a tab on the top, but I was hoping it would show up with the other stuff on my wall on the left side.

  2. Mine is on my main profile page/wall page. It’s in the sidebar under my Friends box. I think there is an option to have it there somewhere in the settings for the Profile app.

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