LingQ: The Beginning

Finally, the long anticipated Beta release of LingQ is ready. I know it has felt longer for us insiders than it has for many of you but still, enough of you have been hearing about its imminent arrival for a long time now and it thrills me to no end to be able to announce the "LingQ Beta Release"!

For those of you who don’t know, LingQ is the new version of our language learning system currently found at LingQ (pronounced "link") is new and improved in many ways. For the purposes of the beta we are only making available the core functionality of the Overview, Store, WorkDesk and Vocabulary sections. When we are ready we will add the Writing, Pronunciation and Events sections. In the meantime start using LingQ for all your reading, listening and vocabulary activities. Tell us how you like it. Tell us what you would like improved.

Initially there won’t be much help available with the beta but we will be adding help information here on this blog. Make sure to take a look at the Demos and FAQ sections of the blog. As well, we will be keeping you up to date with our development and implementation of bug fixes and new features here. Check back regularly or subscribe to our feed to keep up to date with what’s happening to your site.

For those of you who are current members of, we will be transferring your data from the old site when we launch the beta site. We recommend you move all of your reading, listening and vocabulary activities here for good. If you decide to stay on the old site, that is fine too, as we will transfer all your data over to LingQ one more time, when we move everything over to LingQ and shut down TheLinguist.  This is likely to happen sometime in the next few months.

We don’t recommend spending some of your time working on TheLinguist and some of your time working on LingQ as we will not be able to keep both sets of data when we move everyone over to LingQ. At that time, you will have the choice between keeping your LingQ data or keeping your TheLinguist data.

Finally, I stress again, please give us your feedback. Tell us what you like and what you don’t like. Tell us what we are missing. With your help we can truly turn LingQ into something great!

We’re back

Our login bug is now fixed. Everything should be working fine. Let us know if you have any problems.

What is a Collection?

A Collection is a way of grouping similar content items. For instance, in the case of "Anne of Green Gables", Anne of Green Gables is the Collection name and the individual chapters are "Items". This way when you look at a list of your content or when you search the library, you can group similar items together to help you navigate the content better. When importing content, you can either create an individual "item" or you can create a "collection" to which you can add chapters or parts or episodes ("items").   

What should I put as the description in Import Content?

This field is optional. You can use it to write a description of the item you are importing. You can also copy and paste the first few sentences from the content in as the description. This is just to remind you about the item when you see it in the content list.

How do I “Update Known Words”?

The "Update Known Words" button can be found in the Item Menu tab on the right hand side of the WorkDesk reading screen. The button name has now been shortened to "Update". This button does the same thing as it did in TheLinguist. It adds any New Words in the text that you haven’t saved to your Known Words total.

A small hiccup

For any of you trying to log in right now, we seem to be experiencing login difficulties. We hope to have them fixed in the next hour or so. I will update you here when it’s ready to go.