Nice to meet you, LingQ!


Hi, I’m Galina.

Last month I joined the wonderful marketing team at LingQ. I will be helping my colleagues with website development, search engine optimization, PR, social media and more. My mission here is to help LingQ grow and make it the best place for learning languages and making friends.

For two years I worked as a communications specialist for a large metallurgy company in Russia dealing mostly with internal communications. I was a writer, editor of the corporate newspaper, event planner, and liaison for some communication projects. From this job I learned a lot of interesting things about metal products – if you want to talk about various types of metal cables, wires or nails, please let me know!

Having immigrated to Canada last year, I had to start from scratch, first struggling with a foreign language and a new culture. I still remember those frustrating days when I could barely understand what people around me were saying. Then English learning turned into an exciting adventure with all sorts of funny situations, inescapable mistakes and little achievements.

Recently I graduated from the Digital Communications Certificate program at Simon Fraser University. I am excited to apply the acquired knowledge and experience to the LingQ community, and I look forward to learning new things every day. By the way, inspired by many LingQ members, I have decided to take another step – learning French.

One of my personal language passions is creative writing. I have practiced writing in my native language since I was twelve. Creating short stories and poems allows me to easily express my feelings. I believe that someday I will be able to do it well in other languages too.

I am also passionate about cats (I have two!), making Amigurumi (small crocheted toys), hiking, and cooking. A positive attitude and the amazing people I am surrounded with help me to persevere in difficult situations. Together with my colleagues, I look forward to making your experience at LingQ more interesting and exciting. It is nice to meet you all. Happy learning!

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