New Tutorial View, Related Phrases, Text-to-Speech on Popups

Tutorial View

We are constantly looking for ways to make it easier for newbies to get started using LingQ. You will now find our newest innovation Tutorial View when you go to the Lesson page. You will see the Tutorial View tab beside the Standard View and Quick LingQs tabs. If you select this tab, you will be led through your lesson step by step. There is a short explanation or instruction from Steve for each step and specific functions on the page are pointed out. We hope this will be helpful for new users and even some of you existing users who may still be unsure of the best way to use LingQ. We would very much welcome any feedback on this new feature.

Tutorial view
Related Phrases
Another new wrinkle for the Lesson page is a list of Related Phrases which appears at the bottom of blue popups whenever the word you are looking at is part of a phrase that has previously been LingQed. Very often you may not even recognize that the word you are looking at is part of a phrase and even if you do, this will speed up the LingQing of this phrase. As with all highlighted terms, you will be able to hover on the suggested phrase and see user hints and a google translation and create a LingQ with 1-click.
Text-To-Speech on Popups, LingQ Widget
Another wrinkle for the Lesson page blue and yellow popups is the addition of text-to-speech. You will now be able to use text-to-speech for your terms on all yellow popups and the LingQ widget (all members) and on the blue popups (paying members).
As always, let us know how you like the changes.




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