New My Lessons List View, Tutors Page

We have just pushed a number of updates to the site. We hope you enjoy them all!

My Lessons List View:
The biggest update is the new My Lessons page. You will now see that you have an option to see the List View now by clicking on the link under the My Lessons page title. This presents your lessons in a table/list view which is much easier to navigate especially when you have a lot of lessons. We hope all of you avid LingQers will find this layout more convenient. Explore the filters in the sidebar to refine your list.


Tutors Tab:
We have also added a Tutors tab in the Lessons subnavigation bar which lets you instantly filter all tutors in the currently active language. You can now also request a conversation or 
submit writing directly from the list, making it even more convenient to submit writings or sign up for conversations with tutors.



Reset Language:
Many of you have asked for the ability to restart a language for whatever reason. You now have the ability on the Account page to delete languages. This means all your data and LingQs for those languages will be cleared. Only shared content will be unaffected. You can then restart the language from scratch.


Edit User Hints:
There were also several more minor updates, including an “edit” link which now appears beside all User Hints in the blue popups. Clicking on the “edit” link allows you to open the LingQ widget directly with that hint in the Hint field. This allows you to easily make small edits to hints that you like but want to modify. 


As usual, let us know if you have any feedback.

7 Replies to “New My Lessons List View, Tutors Page”

  1. @James – Just use the status filter in the sidebar to show "All Lessons", "Active Lessons" or "Archived Lessons".

  2. Ah, I missed that! I was only looking at the Sort By panel and didn’t even notice the filter section above….I really appreciate the steady series of improvements from LingQ.

  3. Great news. I especially like being able to reset my languages to a somewhat truer picture. Thank you also for the updates to the My Lessons page.

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