A New Minimized View for Maximum Enjoyment!

Say hello to a brand new minimized view!

If you’ve used LingQ on a smaller screen or mobile device, you’re probably familiar with our minimized view – a simpler view that gives you all the functionality of the Lesson page but in a more compact format. Starting today, you’ll see a brand new minimized view with a pop-out dashboard, redesigned popups and even more compatibility for mobile devices. No longer will you have to return to maximized view to edit LingQs, check the dictionary or perform any of the other functions found in the dashboard.

The design of the new popups have been updated to make them consistent with maximized view.

blue_edited-2 (500x340)

yellow (500x385)

When in minimized view, the dashboard, LingQ widget and dictionary now all show in popups. These popups are movable and resizable, so you have the freedom to customize the layout and size of these popups for a fully customizable LingQing experience.

dictionary1 (500x448)

If you prefer to stick to maximized view, don’t worry! This update has some minor interface improvements and plenty of updates behind the scenes to make LingQing even smoother.

Let us know what you think of the new minimized view!

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