New LingQ Avatar Released Today!

Announcing the new LingQ Avatar!

We are excited to announce a major addition to the site: the LingQ Avatar! The Avatar is a visual representation of your progress in a language. It will represent how active you’ve been in a language, how many words you know and how many LingQs you’ve created.
When you create LingQs you earn Avatar credits that allow you to purchase various pieces of clothing, handheld items and background items. In addition, you receive writing and speaking awards automatically when you reach the targets.


What does the Avatar look like?

Below we’ve compiled the stages of growth for the Avatar, ranging from No Knowledge (an unhatched egg) to Advanced 2 (fully grown). However, how your avatar looks is completely up to you. The more LingQs you create, the more items you can purchase, and the more items you purchase, the more personalized you can make your Avatar.




Features in the LingQ Avatar

Activity Apple

We are pleased to introduce the Activity Apple, a new way to see who’s been active on the site. It works the same as your current Activity Score, but there are now 8 different stages to represent your level of activity in a language.

The activity leader in each language will be given a laurel wreath that will appear around their apple for that language. The overall activity leader (i.e. the member with the highest Activity Score across all languages) will be given a gold crown that will appear around their apple in every language.

Click here for more on how the Activity Score is calculated.

Handheld Items

When you reach Intermediate 1 your Avatar will grow hands, and you can use your Avatar credits to purchase different items from the Handheld Items section of the Avatar Store. Your Avatar can display 2 handheld items, but you can purchase as many as you like. Adding handheld items is a great way to personalize your avatar!

We will continue to add new handheld items so that you can make your Avatar even more personalized!


Background Items

You can buy Background Items with Avatar credits earned from creating LingQs. Each of the 4 background sections has 4 different levels, the last of which is a cultural landmark from the language you are studying. The landmarks are different for each language and represent your progress in learning the language.

Writing and Speaking Awards

When you reach certain levels in your Words of Submitted Writing and Conversation Events you will be awarded writing and speaking awards. There are 9 levels of awards for both writing and speaking, representing roughly how much effort you have put in to learn the language.

The awards are given to encourage users, whatever their level, to be active with their languages.


We hope you enjoy the updates. As always, let us know what you think!

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  1. Your Avatar is default, so as soon as you log in you will see it. If you want to add items, just click on the Avatar to go to the Avatar Store. If you’re still lost, click on "Help" in the top-right corner.

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