New Improved Blue Popup

We have just pushed a new and improved blue popup to the lesson page. Make sure to refresh your browser to clear your cache, then when you hover on a blue word you will see the following changes:

  • The Known button is now in the top right corner
  • A new “Ignore” button to the left of the Known button which means this word will not be included in your statistics at all
  • The User Hints buttons are now more clearly identified as buttons with a plus symbol on them to make it more obvious that they should be clicked.
  • Google Translate has been integrated into a button so that if there are not at least 3 User Hints, the Google Translate translation can be chosen
  • The “Add New Hint/Check Dictionary” button is at the bottom of the list of User Hints and has the Search Dictionary icon on it
improved blue popup
We hope you like these changes. We think the popup is clearer now and the additional functionality makes it even more powerful than it was before. Let us know what you think!

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