New Friends Page, Updated Navigation

We just uploaded a completely redesigned Friends page. It replaces the previous Community page. You can see that you can now flip between Activities, Blogs and Rankings and filter these results by country, study language or group (Friends, All members). We’ve also added a search box to allow you to search just your friends. These changes make it much easier to find and follow your friends while at the same time seeing what the rest of the community is up to and how you compare.
You will also notice a change to the navigation. The old Home tab is now called Lessons and has a submenu containing Library, My Lessons (the old Lessons page), Vocabulary, Write, Speak and Import. We decided to group all of these pages under Lessons. This was done partly to make navigation easier and to make the site cleaner. It also made sense after we removed the Friends’ Activity from the Home page. The Community tab is now called Friends and shows the new Friends page, of course. In the submenu you will find Profile, Invite, Referrals and we have given the Forum its own tab as the third pillar of the site.


We have made a number of changes to the site to help speed things up. Some of these things have been done over the last few weeks and have sped things up significantly. In addition, in this update, Friends Activities have been removed from the new Lessons page, New Words numbers are no longer calculated automatically on the Library search page. These changes were made to improve the speed of the site. However, you are able to manually calculate New Words numbers at any time and we have added the ability to sort by New Words Number and New Words Percentage to the Library search page. This is something many of you have been asking for.


We hope you like the changes. Of course, we look forward to your feedback!


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  1. I want to confess to you, Mark. The first time I stepped in to LingQ site. I hated slowness of the web. Right now, it much better I did a good job. Thank you so much.

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