New Dictionary Options, Fresh New Look

Dictionary Upgrade

In our recent survey, the thing that was most requested was an improved dictionary. We have been working to improve our dictionary functionality and we launched some significant improvements today.

You will now see a “Dictionary Settings” link above the Babylon translation in the LingQ widget on the Lesson page. If you want to use one of our “Other Dictionaries” as your default dictionary or if you would like to change dictionary language, you can do so in the Dictionary Settings. Give it a try.


Also, please tell us all your favourite dictionaries. We are now able to add them much more easily and will try to add as many dictionaries as we can. Would you like to see a language combination we don’t offer? Send us a link to a web dictionary that does.

New Front Page Design

We have also upgraded our front page design. It’s quite similar to the previous design but it’s been spruced up a bit! We hope you like it. Of course, you members will have to logout first in order to see it.


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