New Banners and Badges

I am embarrassed to tell you all how long ago it was that Chris from New Zealand suggested we have LingQ signature banners for posting on Forums. Chris, we finally have new banners! You will see that they show how many words you know in a particular language.

Here are the banners:


You can find banners and badges on the goodies page. You can get to this page by clicking on the new badge above your wall on the profile page. Choose your language and style and then copy the HTML code and paste it to your blog and add it to your email or forum signature.

The banners are bigger and wider, good for websites and forum signature banners while the badges are smaller and narrower, perfect for a blog sidebar.

Here are the badges:


We are really excited about this new way for you to show your friends how you are doing on LingQ! And, of course, it’s also a great way to help spread the word about LingQ!

As you try to use these banners and badges please share with the rest of us in the community any good places you put them or tricks you used to get them to fit. I found a few good places and tricks already and will post on those shortly. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these banners as much as I have the last few days while testing them out.

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