Membership Changes

As part of our update today, we have made changes to our membership plans. We are continually trying to make things better at LingQ and that includes trying to make it more clear to people why they should upgrade to our paid plans.

Fewer Membership Tiers
We wanted to simplify our membership structure to make it more clear what the differences are between tiers. Our new tiers are Free, Premium and Premium Plus. Premium is the same as the old Basic membership, while Premium Plus is the old Plus membership. One thing we have added is the ability to add points to any subscription. Premium subscriptions allow 1000 or 2000 point add-ons, while Premium Plus subscriptions allow 3000, 4500 and 7000 point add-ons.

Lower LingQ Limit for Free Accounts
We have decided to reduce the LingQ limit for Free members to 20 LingQs. We think this allows enough time to test the functionality and decide whether you want to upgrade or not. This is also a hard limit of 20 LingQs which means you can no longer delete LingQs to create more. At the same time, we have added a way for you to increase your LingQ limit so that Free accounts can save up to 500 LingQs. Each time a friend signs up with your referral url your LingQ limit will increase by 20, allowing you to save 20 new words. This is in addition to any referral points you can earn if your referrals upgrade to Premium or Premium Plus or buy points.

Exchange Commissions Removed
We will no longer take a commission on conversations and exchange submissions. Commissions will only be charged when points are cashed out. This means that tutors will now have more points to sign up for conversations or submit requests to others through the site and creates a true “language exchange” on LingQ.

We hope these new membership tiers are clearer and encourage more interaction amongst our members.

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