Member’s Corner: Josh’s Language Story

Without a doubt, LingQ loves when its members take the time to share their personal language stories.  We all have different reasons for wanting to learn languages: employment opportunities, travel, heritage, or just plain old interest. It is inspiring to hear our members stories…

This is Josh, an inspiring 14 year old LingQ member from England well on his way to becoming a polyglot. We stumbled across his YouTube video and were proud to have helped him achieve some of his language goals. With guidance from LingoSteve (resident linguist Steve Kaufmann) and LingQ, Josh has already learned Spanish and German, and is currently pursuing Japanese and French.  His ultimate goal is to become a language teacher. At the rate he is going, we suspect he will be a super-polyglot in no time.

Thanks for the shout out Josh!

LingQ Member

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