Member’s Corner: Glenn’s Story

Glenn has been a member of LingQ for the past five months. His interest in learning language started when he was a young child in growing up in California. Here’s his story he shared with us…


My name is Glenn, and I am an aspiring polyglot from Spokane, Washington. I am at the very beginnings of my polyglot journey, as I am only beginning to work on my second language, which is Spanish. My story begins in childhood about 10 to 12 years old, growing up in California. Most of my friends were Hispanic, and whenever they didn’t want me knowing what they were saying, they would just speak in Spanish. This not only frustrated me, it sparked an interest to learn the language. Unfortunately, I never was able to dedicate myself with the time and/or money needed to learn the language.

I am currently 35 years old, and determined to learn Spanish! I have been following Steve Kaufmann and others on YouTube, and this has highly motivated me. This is how I found LingQ.  I have used it off and on for about 2 months, and have recently started using it more consistently. I am learning that Mr. Kaufmann’s technique for acquiring a new language, in terms of using a lot of input with a stress on vocabulary, is very important and instrumental in my language learning journey.

In summary, thank you so much for this wonderful website that has allowed me to increase my Spanish vocabulary, and therefore my ability to speak in this language.

Thank you Glenn, for sharing your story!

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