Major Flashcard Update

We just pushed major flashcard update to the site. We think you are really going to like the changes. Key changes include editing of hints and phrases in session, 1 click status updating and keyboard shortcuts. Here are all the new features:


1) There are now two sides to the flashcard. You can control which fields show on the front and on the back by clicking on the Settings button. You can see the Term, Hint or Phrase on the front or back.

2) You can also decide whether to remove cards when the LingQ status increases in the Settings popup. Clicking Got it! twice in a row will increase the status as will clicking the higher status button at the bottom of the card.

3) You can edit the Hint or Phrase right there by clicking Edit. Hit “Enter” to save widget edits.

4) Flip the cards by clicking anywhere on the white part of the card or by hitting the space bar.

5) Other keyboard shortcuts are as follows: Enter key – Got it!, x – Oops!, 1,2,3,4 – select status, left and right arrows – next and previous card, up and down arrow – hide/show phrase.

We hope you like the changes!


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