Linguaphone PDQ Courses on LingQ


Today is a great day for language learners everywhere! The world-renowned Linguaphone PDQ Courses from are now available on LingQ!

These courses will be available in six languages:
French – Spanish – Italian – German – Russian – Portuguese

Each unit comes with two audio files and a fully illustrated PDF containing useful notes, exercises and translations. In order to give you a sneak peek, Linguaphone has chosen to allow all LingQ members to access the entire first unit for FREE!

(Click the links above to see the course in that language!)

Each unit in the PDQ Course on LingQ features 4 parts:
(1) Text for the dialogues in the target language, integrated into LingQ.
(2) An audio file for these dialogues.
(3) A fully illustrated PDF file containing useful notes, exercises, grammar explanations and translations.
(4) An mp3 file containing the entire unit audio.

Get started now!

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  1. Hi! You won’t be able to use these lessons, but you are welcome to take a look at all of the other great content on LingQ that is available for free!

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