LingQer of the Month for November 2013

With only a couple of weeks left until the new year, we’re excited to announce our November LingQer of the Month and to see what our top LingQers manage to pull out in these remaining 18 days of 2013.

November was a busy month for many, with holiday shopping, time with family, and year-end work that needs to be wrapped up… but all that busyness seems to have just added fuel to the fire for some LingQers!

A big congratulations to kristiansand, our LingQer of the Month for November 2013! With an amazing Activity Score of 21,275, he managed to add nearly 10,000 words to his Known Words total and work his way through nearly 2,000,000 words of Spanish on the site in just one month! Thanks for the inspiration, kristiansand.

Below you’ll find the top 25 LingQers for this past month. Perhaps you’ll find your name on this list next month 🙂

honour roll november 2013

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