LingQ Tips and Tricks: Listening On The Go with iLingQ

listening practice

Want to take your LingQ lessons with you on the go? Looking to do some listening practice while out for a run or on your way to work? Be sure to take advantage of the Playlists feature in iLingQ!

The Playlists function allows you to build playlists of lessons which are played back to back, meaning there’s no need to pull your phone out of your pocket to play the next track. To add a lesson to a playlist, just go to the My Lessons tab, tap on the arrow next to the lesson then tap “Add to Playlist”.

When you add a lesson to a Playlist it is automatically downloaded so it can be listened to and studied offline. In addition, all of the listening you do through the playlists (and through the iLingQ app) will be tracked and updated in your stats on the site.

iLingQ is available for both iOS and Android.

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