LingQ is Down on Christmas Eve!

I'm sorry to report that LingQ is down. Netnation, our hosting provider, had a power outage in their hosting facility in downtown Vancouver. Even though our server is, in fact, hosted in Austin, Texas, the domain name points to the Vancouver facility and is then rerouted to Austin. Since the Vancouver facility is without power this redirect can't happen and you can't reach LingQ. Don't worry the site is, in fact, still up and all your data is safe. As soon as power is restored to the Vancouver data centre, the site will be reachable again.

Sorry for the inconvenience! There is not much we can do but wait. They are telling us it should be back up by tomorrow. We had a big winter storm in Vancouver over night and today which I assume caused the electrical problem.

We've had quite a snowy last few weeks her in Vancouver. Here's a picture of me on Monday after cross-country skiing for an hour around town! Yes, Gordie the dog came with me. We got another 30 centimetres of snow, at least, last night and today, after this picture was taken.



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