LingQ FAQ: Cloze Vocabulary Test

So you have been diligently listening and reading to a variety of podcasts, stories, and articles on LingQ. You have marked all the words that you are unfamiliar with as LingQs. These words have been turned into flashcards, which you have done your best to review regularly. However, you are still having a hard time remembering these words. Most of all, you are unsure how to use them in a sentence. Not to worry, there is a vocabulary test on LingQ that can help!

LingQ offers a fill-in-the-blank closed vocabulary test called Cloze from words selected from your list of LingQs. This vocabulary test will help to reinforce word recall and understand how to use it within the context of sentences.

Select the Cloze icon on the menu bar inside a document and a popup window will open containing the test.

icon menu

You answer the questions by selecting the correct word for the sentence from the list of five words.

vocabulary test

For best results, do the test at the end of every lesson in order to review the new words you have learned.

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