Library Enhancements and Editor Access

We are pleased to announce a bunch of new library enhancements  today including the re-introduction of the Level and Accent filters on the Search page. In addition, you will now find that clicking on a lesson in the search results opens the Lesson popup right away instead of taking you to the Collection page. You can still access the Collection page by clicking on the new Collection link in the search results list. We think this is much more convenient for all while still allowing you to go to the Collection if you need to.You can also filter your results by level and accent now. We realize not many lessons have accents attached but that should change in the future. To help us categorize the libraries and to maintain our content we have now added editor access. We are looking for volunteers to help us maintain our content libraries, let us know if you would like to help and we can set you up as an editor.Here is the full list of changes in this update:

  • You can now edit your imported lessons easily by clicking on the Edit link on the Lesson page. It is up beside the Download Audio and Print buttons.
  • Collection description was added to Lesson popup
  • Level and Accent filters added to Search page
  • Lesson popup added to search results page
  • Lessons at your level show up first on all shelves on Library home page
  • Editor access available for member editors

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