Lessons and Collections Ratings

We have now added the option to rate lessons and collections on LingQ. When viewing a lesson, simply scroll down to the “Review and Share” section located underneath the lesson. In it you will notice some stars and a link that says, “Rate it!”:



If you would like to rate the lesson, simply click on “Rate it!” and a popup will appear. You can give a rating for both the audio quality and the lesson quality:

review and share

Once you have chosen how many stars you would like to give, just click “Submit Rating”. The Average Rating for the lesson will then be updated.

Collections also have a rating that is found on the Collection page and the Collection popup in the Library:

steve icon

Collection ratings are calculated based on the ratings of the lessons that it contains. Therefore, if all of the lessons in a collection are bad, then the collection rating will also be bad and vice versa. This will help you to sort through content easier and skip content that is unpopular.

Be sure to get out there and start rating lessons!


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