Rewards of learning another language

There are many rewards when you are learning a new language.
1. Wouldn`t you like to travel to a country without depending on a guide, I think that would be wonderful because you could speak with anyone, you could go to a restaurant and feeling confidence when you are ordering, or going to a store without having problems with the seller.  

2. Wouldn´t you like to have friends from another countries and having fun with them and knowing their culture. Many people can´t have friends abroad because of this drawback. 

3. Wouldn´t you like to listen to your favorite music, read magazines, books, newspapers and watching your favorites movies without the need of a translator. 

As you can see learning a new language it´s no only for passing an exam or getting a better job. it goes beyond this. learning a new language is having the opportunity of knowing new people, different customs and foremost when you speak another language your whole world changes. I know it´s not easy to speak a new language, you must be persistent, but when you know the right method as this one LingQ you realize that learning a new language wasn´t as difficult as you thought.


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