Invite Your Friends to LingQ

Invite Your Friends

We have just launched our new Invite a Friend and Referral program. You will find the Invite page when you click on the Earn Points link in the top right corner of the site. You will also find links to “Get Free Points” on the Account and Points pages.

You will see that you will be able to cut and paste a referral url into an email or onto a website or blog. Or, you can send an email invitation containing this url, to your contacts from Google, Yahoo or Hotmail or manually enter your friends’ emails and send them invitations.

Incidentally, we have also added your referral url to your banners and badges. Therefore, anyone coming to the site after clicking on your banner or badge will also be tracked as a referral.

Earn Points When They Upgrade

Any of your friends who do sign up after clicking on your referral url will be tracked by the system and you will receive 200 points each month for any referral who upgrades to Basic, Plus or Premium Membership. You will receive this referral bonus every month for as long as your friend continues as a Basic, Plus or Premium member.

You can see which of your friends have registered and which of your friends have upgraded, on the Referrals page.

Get your friends LingQing and learning!

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  1. I have invited you to improve your English languish in short period & in completely enjoyable time.Go ahead …

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