Improved Quick LingQ View, Cloze Tests, Edit Forum Posts

We have just pushed some much requested updates to the site! Check out these changes:

Enhanced Quick LingQ View
Since our recent update to the blue LingQ popups many of you have been asking for the same functionality to be added to the Quick LingQ View. Quick LingQ View has now been updated and includes the Ignore button and the Google Translate button.  Suggested Phrases and Text-To-Speech will, however, still only be accessible on the blue popups.
quick LingQ view


Improved Cloze Test
We have significantly improved the look and feel of the Cloze Tests. They now look and act very similarly to the Flashcards including automatic status increases for answering correctly twice in a row.


Edit Your Forum Posts, Spellchecker
Speaking of most requested features… This one’s for all of you long suffering forum keeners! Yes, you can now edit your Forum posts. We have also replaced the Forum spellchecker.


Improved Lesson Ratings
We made some improvements to the Lesson Ratings. You can now edit your ratings and we have added a flag so you can help us identify poor or inappropriate content. Any content that is flagged will be reviewed and removed if the editor agrees. Poor content could include copyrighted content, poor quality content or duplicate content.
Course Shelf
Finally, the Course shelf has been reorganized to list vertically, the same way as most of the other shelves in the Library.
As always, make sure to ctrl + refresh your browser a few times to clear your cache. Let us know what you think!

2 Replies to “Improved Quick LingQ View, Cloze Tests, Edit Forum Posts”

  1. The cloze test is IMHO to easy. In the above example one can easily see that 4 of 5 possibilities must be wrong due to word type or word form. Even I don’t know the text and many words I can answer it correctly. It would be better not to supply 5 alternatives but to give the hint of the missing term.

  2. Thanks for the comment, hape. What you suggest isn’t a typical cloze test and would depend heavily on the user’s definition of the word (which may not be ideal in all cases, either).Obviously some sessions will be easier than others, but we feel it works well considering it has to cover all the different languages at LingQ.

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