Importing Vocabulary Lists

In a recent update, we added the ability to import and export vocabulary lists. If you are a Plus or Premium member, you will now see two links in the Add a term area in the sidebar РExport Displayed List and Import List (csv).


To export a list, adjust your filters and settings on the Vocabulary page and when you have the list you want, click Export Displayed List. This will download the list as a csv file which you can then share with other LingQ members or import into other applications you might be using for reviewing your vocabulary. For example, on handheld devices etc.. Keep in mind that the csv file does export the data in three columns – Term, Hint, Phrase.


To import a list, it must be a csv file with the same three columns for Term, Hint and Phrase. You don’t need to add the column titles but make sure your spreadsheet is set up in this order before you export it as a csv file. Obviously, if you are importing a file that was exported from LingQ, you don’t need to do anything to it besides making sure to import it to the correct language!


We hope you enjoy the new feature!



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