The Importance of Creating LingQs

It is always great to hear about LingQ members’ experiences. This is the story of nate81 who now has one of the highest activity scores in the 90-Day German Challenge Rankings. Thanks for sharing, nate91, and good luck with your German! Viel Glück!

“I joined LingQ two weeks ago as a free member and, to be honest, it was not that great with the limit of 20 LingQs. I have looked at so many different language learning systems, courses and blog sites and find LingQ to be the best so far. I have tried flash cards but, as I have a horrible memory, they make me feel dumb. Once I upgraded less than a week ago, I went on a lingqing binge and have created over 2000 LingQs. I am taking the 90-Day challenge seriously and plan on having all the targets met on every bar.

I am sure this has been mentioned umpteen times before but I find reading different stuff in context and creating LingQs much more efficient than doing flash cards. I was doing them on here for a while but they took up so much time as my memory sucks. I keep coming over the same words and just move them up a level as I get to know it better. I am surprised I have not heard of LingQ much before as a great language learning tool.

There is no comparison to it with the other learning systems out there to me, “the squeaky wheel gets the most grease” is true with advertising stuff, I guess, as I don’t remember seeing much of it being advertised. I read Benny Lewis’s review on LingQ and thought he did not give it the respect it deserves. It is just $10 a month for basic Premium membership, the amount I spend at one trip to McDonalds. I am thankful for all the people that put in the time for creating lessons, in my case German, which I seem to be understanding at a rapid rate IMO due to making so many LingQs along with reading and listening to the lessons.

One final note, I really seem to notice my comprehension going up fast as I have been doing it daily rather than I have in the past learned a bunch and stopped for a month and learned again with some course. I have heard it many times before but there is nothing like experiencing it for yourself”.

After just two weeks of intensive LingQing, look at all the cool stuff Nate has been able to buy for his Avatar. Keep it up Nate!

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