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One of the most powerful features LingQ offers is the ability to import any content in your target language and study it using LingQ’s functionality. It’s not always obvious how or which content to import so I thought I would provide examples of how I use this feature.

Importing news articles

Perhaps the most obvious place to import from are the many wonderful news and informational sites around the world. Click Import Lesson from the Tasks dropdown in the main navigation bar. When you are on the Import Lesson page, you can find a list of Resources in your target language. There are certainly many more great places to find content of interest but this gives you a good place to start.

Import lessons into LingQ

For example, I am studying Italian so I regularly import lessons from one of Italy’s largest newspapers Corriere della Sera. I could use the Import Lesson page and copy and paste the article, title, text, image and original url. Or, I can use the Chrome Extension to import all of this information with 1-click. In this case, I have the Chrome Extension already so I will simply click on it and choose to import this article into LingQ.

Import using Chrome Extension

Once, I’ve imported the article it looks like this in the LingQ Reader. With the Chrome Extension you do also have the ability to create LingQs right on the page but I prefer using LingQ’s interface since I prefer the Quick LingQ mode using the Dashboard View and it allows me to manually select and LingQ words and phrases as well.

Imported lesson on LingQ

Importing emails

Another great use for importing is reading correspondence in your target language. First of all, going through it on LingQ helps me understand the email much better than using Google Translate, and secondly I get to add all new terms to LingQ for review. There is nothing like using real correspondence to learn from!

Importing Forum Posts

There are many great discussions on the LingQ Forums in many languages and it’s a great place to interact in your target language. Import posts of native speakers to understand and learn from what they have posted. When you feel comfortable, submit your own comments and have them corrected using the¬†Post for Correction¬†option. Of course, once your posts are corrected you will want to use the Import function on the correction report to import all your corrections and new vocabulary.

There are many great ways to use the import feature. These are just some of the ways I use it. Let me know what content you import in the comments.


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