Import Lessons with 1-Click, New Cloze Test

We just added the Import Bookmarklet to the site. This bookmarklet allows you to highlight and import any text on the web and import it into your LingQ account with 1-click. Just drag the bookmarklet into your bookmarks toolbar, then when you find a good piece of content highlight the text you want to import, click the bookmarklet and the text will open up as a lesson on LingQ. It’s that simple! Happy LingQing!

Also, those of you who remember the old Test functionality from TheLinguist will be happy to know we have brought back the Cloze Test. Now, on the Vocabulary page, you can select some LingQs and click the “Cloze Test” link to test them. You will see that you get a chunk of context containing that term and a dropdown with 5 options to choose from. Choose the right option and you see a green check mark. Choose incorrectly and you see a red X. Once you have chosen an answer you can adjust the status for that term based on how well you think you know it. Simply click on your desired status and it adjusts at a click just like on the flashcards. Yet another reason to create more LingQs!

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