Honour Roll: September, 2009

Skyblueteapot has rocketed into the top five from fifteenth last month. VeraI is back in topform and stronger than ever. Annett has also quietly moved into the topten after finishing out of the Honour Roll in August. However the story again is Dilemme. He maintains his number one spot for the fourthmonth running. But his lead is not quite as dominant as it used tobe with ejlife, from Taiwan, coming up close behind. 

October will be the end of the ninth month of Obama's term in office and will round out the anniversary of his election.Whatever side we supported at the time, we should be involved politically in ourcommunities to promote well-being for all. Learning languages is oneof the best ways to break down barriers in communication. Let's getmotivated to learn more for the good of society as a whole.

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