Honour Roll: September, 2008

Robg has sustained his top five showing. Irene777 is back in topform and stronger than ever. Ejlife has also quietly moved into the topfive after a strong top ten finish in August. However the story againis the Dutch. Darbanville maintains her number one spot for the fourthmonth running. However her lead is not quite as dominant as it used tobe with Truus, another Netherlander, coming up close behind.Congratulations to the ever-studious Dutch!

October will be the final month of campaigning for Obama and McCainbefore the United States election the first Tuesday in November.Whatever side we support, we should be involved politically in ourcommunities to promote well-being for  all. Learning languages is oneof the best ways to break down barriers in communication. Let’s getmotivated to learn more for the good of society as a whole.

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