Honour Roll: November, 2008

We would like to welcome Cakypa, mackenzie, michal, alleray, and flavio_fla to the top ten activity leaders. Thanks for all the effort you have put into language study here at LingQ! In other news, Adrian_r has managed to maintain his placing in the top five. Skyblueteapot has dropped out of the top ten but is still among the leaders. Where are you leie92? And Jeff_lindqvist is, as always, a consistent top ten performer. This isn't exactly news, but,… you guessed it, six months in a row for darbanville!

Of course not all countries celebrate Christmas, but the message of goodwill to all people crosses all boundaries and cultures.You can spread the Christmas spirit by reaching out to people in your community which is international in the internet age. So lets all try to make new connections by studying languages with our friends! Happy holidays from LingQ!

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