Honour Roll – May 2014

Despite the wonderful spring weather with all its distractions, many LingQers have been focused on their languages and worked hard over the last month. Congratulations to Kristiansand who has remained at the top our Honour Roll for the fourth time! With Activity Score of 12,534, he continues to lead in Spanish while simultaneously managing to learn Norwegian and Russian! Great job, Kristiansand!

Many other LingQers have also achieved excellent learning results in April! Congratulations to everyone who earned a spot in our Honour Roll! Here are the top 25 LingQers of the Month based on Activity Score.

It is not easy to stay active in a language all the time but remember that every little bit counts. Good luck to all of you! We look forward to seeing you in the next Honour Roll!

Honour Roll May, 2014

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