Honour Roll: March, 2009

The average activity score for the Honour Roll (the top 25) is getting close to 3000 points. This is up about 500 points from last month. Radoslaw is back in the top ten after a long absence. Dilemme has also come out of nowhere to take eighth spot. But the battle continues between darbanville and jeff_lindqvist with darbanville taking control again, just missing the 10,000 point milestone.

We are no longer awarding points to the top 10 Honour Roll members as the satisfaction of achievement should be its own reward! 🙂 We are saving all future points awards for content providers and key community contributors.

Spring has finally arrived in the Northern Hemisphere. With the warmer weather comes renewal of old desires, and more motivation to get things done. Perhaps you want to go to a foreign country to use your language skills. Maybe you want a better job that requires language knowledge. Whatever your goals, let LingQ-ing  be a part of them. After all, language skills are always useful. Let’s see how much higher our activity scores can be!


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