Honour Roll: June, 2009

Dilemme is our new winner of the Honour Roll! Dilemme had been in and around  the top ten since February. Finally he has made it to number one with a peak performance of over 7000 points.We look forward to seeing him continue at the top in the future. Meanwhile, peterlaunonen  came from nowhere to take 11th place with about 2000 points.Nice! Cakypa is also back into the top ten after some absence. Allerayhas moved up nicely. And last but certainly not least, Jeff_lindqvisthas taken consistency to new heights as he spends his umpteenth month in the top ten..

This is the season for taking it easy and enjoying the sunshine (at least in the Northern Hemisphere). No one feels motivated. However in today’s globaleconomy, you must always have a competitve edge. I propose you get a jump on the competition whether it be getting intobetter physical shape, doing better financially, or improving yourmind. LingQ definitely will improve your mind. And, it will probably help you get a better job too. And if youlisten to your LingQ podcasts while you exercise, who knows, it mighthelp you get fit! Keep LingQing!

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