Honour Roll: January, 2010

Thanks to all who were so active last month on LingQ. This time there are a lot of changes in the top ten. It is nice to see crowderd, mikola, robg, Niksa, and marbati back. Of course thanks to our regulars for their phenomenal consistency. Learner25 has been consistently in the top 5 recently and has in fact hit number one. Congratulations! The Dutch are back on top of our Honour Roll for January 2010!

For those in the Northern Hemisphere, February is a month of looking forward to the first signs of spring and staying warm inside with our loved ones. Perhaps the need for warmth in the middle of winter was the origin of Saint Valentine’s Day :). Whether we are inside next to a warm fire, outside skiing, or enjoying a warm beach in Australia or South Africa, let’s remember to keep LingQing and getting closer to our goal of becoming international citizens!

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